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zamii070 replied to your post:

mINDFANG FEFERI WOULD BE CUTE LIKe mindfang has her ship and feferi is just the little las that joined her crew and wears cute outfits and is just the cutest pirate and mindfang spoils her rotten

OHHH NO that sounds so cute what the heck just


Marquise Spinneret ‘Take all my money, just take it’ Mindfang

bless omg i’d ship it



I let Shelby play for 3 SECONDS

i was so proud of myself

"Some Anime Nerds" performed by zamii070 senorpacman and shubbabang written by gamzee-makaraoni featuring a guest appearence from thedildoassasin (aka aradia-paradia aka the most canon askblog ever)

Wow I rlly like these three they’re like the golden/madabauchi (however it’s spelled and yes I mean Hatori Shigure and Ayame from Fruits Basket) trio in my head I even call them the tumblr trio

Lol I don’t know anyone’s eye colors so I just guessed since brown is common in fact my eyes are brown and it is sorta a pretty shade of brown

Correct me if I’m wrong here but I like kinda picture you guys as the bestest of friends-est and have skype calls everyday and they always open with something random like “What if we’re all actually potatoes-OUCH!”

Yes I am a kawaii potato in this and yes that is thedildoassasin talking to me like “Stop being a potato” bc they are an amazing person whose Aradia blog always gives me hope

Y’know I get told I’m cute but I’m actually not *glares daggers at rp people* I’m not anything I just breathe and exist

I drew this last night and I had a weird dream where the tumblr trio followed me because of this and then everyone followed me so I was getting rlly confused and then I woke up

You have no idea how disappointed I was lol

Yeah enough rambling just enjoy my bootyful piece of art

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