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And congratulations to my 700th follower, ! You get a follower promo AND a drawing (See rules for drawings below)!

Okay, so in honor of my reaching 700 followers, I’m doing both a follower promo AND a drawaway!

For the follower promo, the first five people to like/reblog this post will get a follow promo from me!

For the drawaway, you have until Monday, October 1st, to like/reblog this post! I’ll be putting the URLs in a generator and choosing the first five!

1. You MUST be following me for the prizes to apply. I will be checking! (Also, don’t pull a “I’ll-follow-her-and-when-it’s-all-over-I’ll-unfollow-her” because that really hurts, you guys.)
2. For the drawaway, I’ll only being drawing one to two people per person. It can be any character from any fandom or your own character (If you want your own character to be drawn, however, I’ll need a picture, so please send me one if you’re a lucky winner)! I’ll try to have everything drawn and finished by Friday, October 3rd, and then I’ll submit them to you!
3. You can apply for both the follower promo AND the picture! If you win both, you’re luckier than a Serket wearing a four leaf clover! (haha)
4. If you win either of these things and you do not wish to be a winner, please let me know! I’ll choose someone else instead!

Also, I’ll be doing this again once I reach 777 followers, except it’ll be SEVEN people instead of five!

Well, I hope you guys want to do this! And I hope to see you all at 777 followers, 800 followers, 888 followers, 900 followers, 1000 followers, and beyond!

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